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You can access the OSTEC Mail Security product’s online demo environment and check out the interface and all the features present in the product. To do this, simply fill out the request form and wait for the access credentials that will be sent to your email.


The product offers advanced security options for corporate email, with scalable features and adaptable to different types of environments and needs.

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Find out how to save time and maintain a security framework consistent with the specialized product support service OSTEC Mail Security. Count on our team to overcome all the security challenges present in your day to day.



What is the most appropriate support plan for my company?

We offer some support plan possibilities for you to define the one that has the most adherence to your business. We have options of plans with 8x5 or 24x7 coverage, with unlimited calls and differentiated service platforms (telephone, chat and service center). Know the plans in full.

What happens when exceeding the contracted asset range?

The range of assets is used for pricing purposes, and is not a limiting factor for its growth, however, it is important to inform that you must be aware of hardware resources that may be insufficient in case of evolution in the range of assets.

Does the subscription fee include product activation (deployment)?

No. The subscription guarantees the right to use the product and support, according to the type of plan contracted, however the activation fee consists of an amount that must be paid separately.

If the number of assets in the company's network substantially evolves, how will the collection be?

We will do a contractual review annually and if your company exceeds the number of assets contracted by 20% we will proceed with the readjustment of the subscription, otherwise the price will remain the same.

What is the deadline for product activation?

After the contract is generated, our Customer Success Manager will make the first contact with you within 48 hours. Before this conversation, we will send you a series of materials talking about the activation process to make your contacts agile and productive. Each activation has its particularities, so only after the kick-off will we have a concrete forecast of activation time, however the period should not exceed 15 days.

Is the product available on other platforms?

Yes. You have the possibility to choose the Software, virtual appliance and appliance platforms, according to the needs of your company. However, it is worth mentioning that the price suggested on the website concerns the software platform.